Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Seeing Things As They Are.

Have you ever woken up in the morning feeling as if something was not right? That the world that you inhabit is not the one you want for yourself? That convention overides compulsion? That logic supercedes passion? Well, I have. There are about a million things in the world I'd like to do if not for the circumstances that bind me, both emotionally and financially.

I'd like to set up my own business, go all out for it, risk manage it as well as I can with proper market research, feasibility studies and customer demand surveys. Alas, my parents forbid any sort of risk venture as I am their only son and breadwinner and if I should fail, the entire family would be plunged into dire straits. Not to mention my father is a very sick man whose monthly medical bills amount to SG$800 even after subsidy. I myself am on a bursary which I fell less and less passion for, which has materialized into falling grades for my University. I simply cannot reconcile my heart and my mind, the internal conflict within me is tearing me apart.

Yet strangely, I am happy. Happy in the fact that I probably have the best girlfriend in the world, what with her sacrifices for me and her cherubic tendencies that never fail to lift my spirits high. Its odd that happiness is not commensurate with monetary success as many people perceive it to be, rather, it is commensurate with the state of development of the inner being. As such, we two are a happy lot, knowing that these happiness is the one thing that keeps us going, because if life is miserable, why live it?

If only I was given a dime for every time that I was foolishly unhappy with the state of things, I would be a millionaire. If things are not working out my way, I surmised, the fault can only lie with me. There are countless individuals that whine and moan about their current state of affairs to others every day, yet amazing, never lift a finger to help devise strategies to lift them out of this miasma. If you don't cut it, it's cause you have not tried hard enough. You have no one to blame but yourself so don't go around pouring gallons of sour syrup into other's ears.

Everything in life involves a choice, and with it, a suitably priced opportunity cost. Each time you are unhappy with something, you exact a similar price on someone else, whether you like it or not. So it seems, the conclusion I have come to is this - Live a happy life, never regret your choices and ALWAYS do a self analysis before telling the world how really unfair life has been to you.